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3-color ice cream machine BQ726
3-color ice cream machine BQ726
BQ726 is the correct choice for entrepreneurs looking to create ice cream machine with natural flavors
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: 18 months
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Always put the reputation and interests of the customer to assure top quality Sieuthitaigia 1 of 3 color ice cream machine BQ726 and we are also committed to selling price is the best price only without where can get.

Ice cream machine BQ726 3 colors create a cream with high nutritional value, the cream has a lot of fat and rich trace elements, eat more ice cream will be given to the large amounts of nutrients. So for the ice cream made from machine model 726 BQ, please rest assured you offline.

The quality of the porous smooth creamy taste retain capital, is indeed a great machine so if you're burning a business plan cream shop, do not miss BQ 726 today.

Option 3 color cream machine BQ 726 of Supermarket Family will bring you the most benefits, with superior quality, cost and supply of Supermarket at Home is also cheaper than other places. Warranty and maintenance for 18 months will help you use the cream better.

Ice cream machines BQ 726 3 color characteristics?

There are two intakes cream with two different flavors to help you do a variety of flavors are available in our store. The system controls the automatic ice cream machine, four control buttons include functions cream, cleaning, cooling ... electronic display screen helps users control the operation of the machine status .

Capacity 1600W cream ice cream made fast to help save time and costs. Capacity tanks and tank Cooling high volume of business can help you like to change the amount of ice cream in one day the most logical way. With ice cream machine BQ 726 entrepreneurs just spent a small amount of capital, but profits are quite high.

Today, with rising living standards, customers can fully extend their wallets if the ice cream shop's delicious, quality, nutrition and food safety. This is you have complete peace of mind when choosing ice cream machine BQ726 3 colors.

To make delicious ice cream, smooth and very cold. Tan immediately in the mouth, the flavors combine more natural color will help you to increase rapidly increasing number of ice cream sold.

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