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Cream machine LY-719
Cream machine LY-719
New product line today, style 2012, Panasonic compressors of Japan ...
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Currently, the cream has become one of the trendy food. Not only diverse in type, cream menu also appears in most of the restaurants, major hotels; many ice cream parlors with unique style, variety has its own flavor.

Cream machine LY - 719 is a device in the device group restaurants. Machine suitable for ice-cream business. With the engine block cooling Panasonic Japan. Ice cream fast speed and high-strength machine. 2012 latest style design is very beautiful color.

Cream machine LY - 719 is the product is very popular. Extremely safe and can be adjusted according to individual taste. The machine also allows you to bring revenue dream.

This is ice cream machine and automatic cooling ice cream. It has constructed as a refrigerator, cooling system automatically turns the engine with cream island.

Do not take too much time, ice cream machine LY - 719 for a batch of ice cream you can compare with the brand famous and expensive creams. Cream finished products are rated as good, natural flavor.

Cream machine LY-719 benefits like?

- Cream machine LY-719 Simple operation and give you a surprise though you did not know about technology in cream

- Cream machine LY-719 helps you easily create fresh cream beginners though you do, you have not experienced. In addition, the company staff have many years of experience consulting to technology transfer and quick to grasp cream recipes ice cream shop opening soon

- Profits from the business is very much cream.

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