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New ice cream machine Ellipse 2014
New ice cream machine Ellipse 2014
New Ellipse 2014 is the latest in the series Sieuthitaigia by using 2 cyclone cooler Piston very durable and strong
: 0 VND
: 18 months
  • Give 05KG powder and cream cone tree in 1000.
  • Get 1 blender Ellipse: meat grinder, grind pepper ...
  • Give extra gas cans 404A (600G) cooling gas reserves off
  • consumer DV SP voted with prestige and quality in 2013
  • Ellipse was honored as Best Brand 2013
  • Warranty 18 months + for change within 30 days if there is an error from the NSX.
  • Free delivery nationwide.
  • Apply promotion until the end of row
Buy products - Consult: 0917 212 969

The salient features of the new elliptical machine ice cream 2014:

Activity gas through 404: It can not lacking when it comes to ice cream machine that's New Ellipse 2014 machine with a good pole motor, the machine runs smoothly and durable special cream machine fast whether it is hard ice cream or soft ice cream. This may be due to the gas system 404 that ice cream machine owns New Ellipse 2014. Gas Gas 404 is kind used in refrigerators, designed exclusively applied to the needs freezing in subzero temperatures deep hon.gas used to make ice cream machine

Cooling Technologies: Besides ice cream machine Ellipse 2014 New technology also uses the most modern cooling system with cooling refrigerators are best used. Technology dodge closed from Italy will be the secret to making machine Ellipse 2014 New cream ice cream cold holding temperature of 4 degrees C or less, this technology helps make very short period of time cooling cream and ice cream machine. Using compressors centrifugal vortex axis, yield very rapid freezing, uptime of the machine is shortened to minimize power consumption.

Wraps are Stainless steel body

Extensive tutoring: tank capacity and cooling cream to 5L wide so you can contain two different creams and lotions for finished 3 on 3 hose, 2 hose makes the right cream flavor and taste 1 delicious ice cream mix.
3 hose handy cream: ice cream machine with three taps, two ice-cream container and you can use tap each independent power savings if the crowded and run with maximum capacity when crowded stores.
Adjustment button: Machines capable enough to display the parameters of temperature cooled hard and soft ice-cream ice cream through the controls easy to use on your computer. You can choose to automatically soft ice cream with the "Auto" or the temperature rises and falls hard ice cream with button (+), (-).
Principle of operation: Stable operation thanks to innovative smart cards automatically shut off when the voltage is too high and when the voltage is too low. Thanks to this, the life of compressors 2 times higher than the models often.

Design: modern design, 100% stainless steel shell, just make sure the fashionable, professional and hygienic food safety. You no longer fear rust, oxidation by high humidity and surface conditioning is always exposed to the environment. Cream machine Ellipse 2014 is proprietary brand of Supermarket at Home, Ellipse logo in bright blue, clear, no patch was approved

Note: The 2-3 months, you should Outdoor toilet, to create stability for the device as well as to extend the life of the machine.

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