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Ice cream 3 color BQ-833
Ice cream 3 color BQ-833
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In the summer, hot weather sat sipping a delicious ice cream is something that everyone likes. Therefore, so the ice cream in the summer are looking for her a cream suit and have the capacity to make the most delicious ice cream please "god" of his.

Ice cream machines to achieve the criteria of restaurants, shops, supermarkets ... It was ice cream machine BQ-833 3 colors provided by

Models for ultra delicious cream finished with 3 intake cream seller quickly help replace taste that customers love. Cool ice cream with 3 bright colors attract ensure full attention of the baby immediately.

Cream machine BQ-833 3 color highlights how?

- The body is made of durable stainless steel, design style is very beautiful.
- Controlled by electronic circuits.
- A powerful compressor.
- With 3 intake cream fastly create 3 different creams and 1 time.
- With 2 large capacity ice cream containers

Taste of the polar ice cream delicious, homemade colors look stunning.

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