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History cream
Date: 08/01/2015

Since ancient times, the Greeks, Romans and Jews know how cold juices, thereby creating dishes fruit ice cream and frozen milk mixture. In the first century, Emperor Nero (Italy) 54 years, when crowned Roman emperor Nero to open a banquet and he could not make people amazed with incredible dessert menu titled: fresh snow. To do this strange dessert, he had sent up to the Apennine mountain to get "fresh snow" about it many times marinated with honey and fruit. And later, the main dish of fresh snow Emperor Nero was considered to be the predecessor of ice cream now.

More than 500 years later, in China, under the Tang Dynasty (618-907), Nero dish of fresh snow has a new shape. It is a mixture of dairy cattle, goats have been fermented, mixed with flour, then marinated for flavor camphor and cooled ice with salt. Save this quarter, as well as fresh snow of Nero, used only in the grand party.

Nam1295, Italian navigators, Marco Polo returned home after 17 years oTrung Korea. The book "Description of the WOELD" (Appearance world) of Europe he did amazing. Among the multitude of strange things, Marco Polo comes with something called "dried milk powder in the dough". According to Italian specialties by China will remain just milk and dough without Marco Polo. It is thanks to him that it became ice cream in Europe.

For Vietnam, cream just appeared in the early 20th century, by the French formulas and recipes to serve military aggression and thereby become widely with Vietnam is Vietnamese male omien Nam.

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