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Differentiation of Gelato and Ice Cream - Not everyone knows
Date: 08/01/2015

Surely if someone accidentally "fall in love" with the cream, then you have probably heard the name Gelato - a "brother" epitomized the romantic coming from Italy.

Dubbed as one of the specialty impossible not to taste the Italian - what makes gelato (Italian ice cream) become distinctive than the usual cream, right?

Gelato - children "born late" of ice cream?

It is often referred to as a Gelato recipe variations from normal ice cream, a child born late of delicious desserts and crisp. In essence, it is difficult to determine which one gelato and ice cream before, and we have the right to believe that the gelato was born in parallel with the development history of ice cream. The main characteristics of the soil in general and Italian food culture in particular has made distinctions for items Gelato and turn it into a special version of ice cream, almost an entirely new desserts.

1718, modern cream recipe was first mentioned in the book Mrs. Mary Eales's Receipts, published in London, with technical beaten and cooling close to the ice cream today. Similarly, in Italy the word appeared in 1680 thanks to the fresh gelato ice cream machine finishing first by fishermen Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli name.

Despite being based on fundamental techniques in general, but quickly confirmed Gelato characteristic flavor and its position in the world of desserts, escape the shadow "Italian ice cream recipe" that actually work recognized as a distinct sweet. In the menu at a restaurant or bakery, you will always find the name Gelato Ice cream is separated from - the usual creams.

Three key distinction gelato and ice cream

Gelato is sweet and silky texture feature, you can immediately feel the soft, thin as the clouds of Gelato, different from the texture of ice cream specialty and conventional hard: When put into the mouth , gelato melts immediately frozen dairy dishes title, this dish has always been described as soft and creamy ice cream is so. However, to truly exceptional Gelato ice cream as well as understand the formula of two very different types of dessert, we should note the following three points:

The fat content

Cream is the most popular today is that we often eat ice cream american indispensable ingredient is egg whites with cream (fat layer floating on the surface of Milk). Meanwhile, the main component of the cream Gelato is not that the whole milk, skim milk or even split the entire content of whipped cream. If the standard cream must have at least 10% fat, then with Gelato, this figure dropped to 5-7%. Cream appealing taste greasy diners thanks to the dairy, and Gelato charm us by nature gentle and soothing.

About technique winter

The technique of the whole ice cream and gelato is hardened / beaten the main raw materials such as milk, cream, eggs, sugar and additives ... in a circle until it thickens. This technique gives the composite material "air box" inside, and we played the title role of "bricks" to help the entire structure of the liquid and discrete components together make up the cream members round nice and sturdy. The more gas concentrations in the cream, cream and fluffy even more special.

Gelato is one of the cream has the lowest emissions, only 25-30%, while the cream is usually 50%. The main differences in the structure of the gas in this dish make it a smooth no more whipping cream.

The rotational speed is the determining factor of the gas content of the cream, and if possible for ordinary cream in ice cream machine and rotary speeds from medium to high, then the processing of industrial machines Gelato "crude violence "is not a good choice.

To create a soft porous medium for Gelato, make food but not too loose nor too hard, the best option is still whisk or hand crafted using professional gelato machines to ensure quality foam most gas in equilibrium. With subtlety and careful processing of each li, Gelato is also considered one of the desserts proved class chef.


Temperatures in the processing and service also makes a tremendous difference between gelato and ice cream. Usually stored at the ideal temperature is about -25 degrees C, cream keeps freezing status and the cool crispness of its porous characteristics. Meanwhile, Gelato stored at temperatures slightly warmer, and this creates Gelato members' soft as silk "is always in the eastern half of the state - half runs very attractive. Because of this difference which is often served with ice cream in the shop, restaurant or car vendors with large containers filled with ice cold as ice, while the car bon bon Gelato Italian street container gently, much more compact.

Soft, light, liquid, elegant and lovely - Gelato brings the whole of his romantic and dreamy nature of the fairy land of Rome. Besides the "big brother" is cream which is very familiar to us, the world's dessert was brought to a version of "sister" is another sweet gelato - the pride of Italian sweets. Gelato really has affirmed its position next to the ice cream, when instead of just survive exclusively on Italian soil, we can fully enjoy the wonderful elegance of this dish all over the world .

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