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Since ancient times, the Greeks, Romans and Jews know how cold juices, thereby creating dishes fruit ice cream and frozen milk mixture. In the first century, Emperor Nero (Italy) 54 years, when crowned Roman emperor Nero to open a banquet and he could not make people amazed with ...
An average durian and weighs 602 grams is a source of great energy. 100 grams of durian provide about 147Kcal energy, accounting for about 7% of energy for the operation of the body each day. Durian trees are sourced from Southeast Asia. Although many people, this is a ...
Brand Cream Dairy Queen (DQ) will be available in early 2014, Ho Chi Minh City in the form of a franchise. QSR Vietnam Company said it has reached an agreement to exploit business brand. Still not disclose QSR franchise fee but said Vietnam is preparing for the opening of Dairy ...
Surely if someone accidentally "fall in love" with the cream, then you have probably heard the name Gelato - a "brother" epitomized the romantic coming from Italy. Dubbed as one of the specialty impossible not to taste the Italian - what makes gelato ...
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